What You NEED To Know About Protein – Dietitian Talk

In today’s Dietitian Talk we are going to discuss what you need to know about protein, why you are not getting enough protein in your diet, how protein relates to …

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  1. I already knew a decent amount about protein, but this video was so informational and helpful. I learned sooooo much more than I thought I would about protein. Thank you for this!!!

  2. I love adding protein powder to stuff! I have a good vanilla flavored one that mixes soooo good with citrus juices! So I'll mix it with orange juice and it tastes like a creamsicle!

  3. New to your vids. Saw the L& L cookie one 👍🏼 your son was funny in that vid, you are very natural in front of the camera and so entertaining, informative and realistic approach to food and not abusing ourselves with fads or bad ingredients🦋

  4. Such a good video! I love doing chickpea or lentil pasta. Even though there are more carbs there is a good amount of protein and allows me to enjoy pasta while still meeting macros. Plus swear it keeps you full forever

  5. Here in Houston we have been out of power for three days now and everyone is rushing to the stores buying everything on the shelf, meanwhile I'm trying to get high protein groceries to keep my protein high these days and trying my best to avoid highly processed carbs. Thanks for the info Kara we greatly appreciate you 💜

  6. Great video! I start everyday with a serving of Fage 5% with a nut butter serving and my chocolate collagen. Its about 30-35 grams of protein and only about 300 calories. After that I will have my carbs, usually cereal, pancakes, oatmeal etc….. sometimes I don't even need to eat anything but the yogurt mix.

  7. Such a helpful video! I consider myself pretty well educated in these areas, but this is such a good remind and is motivating to stay/get on track diet wise

  8. Good stuff Kara and another reminder to take a closer look at my protein intake. I come close but the closer I am eating more plant-based now the better able I will be able to handle what life throws at me. Keep the vlogs coming.

  9. I love eggs at breakfast or making egg bites in the insta pot. I add cottage to that and they turn out so good! I also try to have protein at Lunch and dinner. I recently started tracking my calories and have noticed my protein has been lacking

  10. Thankfully i love protein so i dont have a problem hitting it but one of my favorite treats are @stuffumnaturals. They have whey and vegan treats that are so clean and delicious!!

  11. Something people should know is that ALL plant foods contain all 20 amino acids. Meaning all plant foods ARE INDEED COMPLETE PROTEIN sources. I encourage everyone to read 'Proteinaholic" by Dr. Garth Davis. Also, FIBER is a more important nutrient to focus on for almost everyone. Most people are getting entirely too much protein – way more than necessary and most people are dramatically low in fiber. Fiber helps regulate blood sugar and keeps you full longer. Quality is indeed important, which is why I'm always confused about people recommending lots of meat ad protein powders.

  12. A delicious high protein snack I’ve been enjoying:
    175 grams Greek Yogurt
    1 scoop protein powder
    9 grams lite cool whip
    Whip it all together and top with raspberries. I use the Alani Nu Confetti Cake protein and it tastes just like cake better. I look forward to it every evening before dinner!

  13. Great video Kara. Would also love a video on addressing fats. I think personally there is a lot of misinformation on fats. My personal fav protein sources are: cottage cheese, good quality chicken/turkey lunch meat, chicken breakfast sausage, magic spoon cereal (grain free high protein, low carb), Greek yogurt, chomps turkey sticks and the list goes on.

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