1. OKAY TO CLEAR UP THE CAKE MIX DILEMMA: the company puts "may contain" on the box because their factory uses milk in other products so technically there is a chance that traces could be in the mix. There is no milk in the mix because if there was, it would be in the ingredients list and it would be listed next to wheat where it says CONTAINS (meaning THIS 100% CONTAINS WHEAT). It says "MAY contain" to cover their butt in case someone has an allergic reaction and tries to sue them. But if there was milk in it you can bet they would put it in the ingredients list and also in the CONTAINS list! 🙂 glad we cleared that up!!!

  2. Honestly before your videos I was nerves that I wouldn't have enough time to cook to properly be vegan. but these are really inspiring and will hopefully carry me through my busy work days!

  3. Personally I am not vegan (mostly cas I have such low iron) but I’m trying to eat less meat and a lot healthier and this really helps 😍👍🏻 this is better then most of the “healthy meal prep” videos because all of this actually looks so yummy and flavorful. Thanks for posting babe!

  4. I am brand new to your channel found you thru Katherine Kara's listening to her wonderful book reads and journals I am just learning the vegan food and thank you for not being so overwhelming with so many different ingredients i am going to make that lasagna soup for tomorrow night. Blessings, Love and Peace

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