LEARN HOW TO MAKE AN EASY VEGAN GOCHUJANG NOODLES RECIPE! LAY HO MA!! You know I love noodle recipes! They are so versatile and incredibly …

1 Month Vegan Challenge


  1. This has probably been pointed out before, and if so, my apologies, but I just wanted to communicate that every time I hear "pink salt" I get a twinge of anxiety because that term is used in the meat curing community to mean pink nitrate curing salt. Obviously that's not what you mean, but I just worry that somebody might end up with the wrong thing after a trip to the grocery store. Your channel, to be clear, is excellent and I love all the videos, and I'm not even vegan. The recipes look delicious and I've shared the channel with a few vegan friends.

  2. As simple as cooking noodles but as delicious as a gourmet's recipe 😊
    Just made it as easy dinner…cleaning up afterwards? Wash your pot, wipe your knife and cutting board 😉
    I had Gai Lan instead of Broccolini (it's incredibly hard to find in Germany) and switched from olive oil to the smokey & spicey chili oil to sauté the veggies 🤩 I can absolutely recommend that to enhance the gochujang flavor up to the next level!!

  3. I made this today! Mine didn't turn out so nice 😉 I used a different type of noodles and they all stuck together and the sauce got gloopy… I will try it again another time!

  4. I stumbled upon your 'peanut ramen noodle' video and 6 videos later, I am here. I am learning so much. You are like a 'vegan hidden gem' on YouTube. I am amazed by the simplicity of your cooking. I want to try everything I have watched so far! It will not take long before you have half a million then 1 million subscribers, you truly deserve it.

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