1. A lot of people don’t know this but there is something called dehydrated peanut butter. It is high on protein, last long, you get a lot more than a normal jar of peanut butter, and it is way better then jif. I think you should try it sometime

  2. My own recipe: ORANGE DRAMA
    1/4(quarter) or a few teaspoons of lemon, depending on preference to how sour over sweet you like it, but worthy of adding nonetheless
    2/3 strawberries
    5 blueberries
    1 big juicy orange pepper
    Half or full glass of water

    This makes one glass so ration how you please, it's full of tasty goodness. I checked and I'm now the first orange drama to lose her smoothie virginity, proud owner of this recipe.

    Please enjoy, hoping to share, even if it doesn't get used.

  3. Apparently, bananas are in the berry family (who knew?), so you are not off by calling it a strawberry. Even more confusing, strawberries are apparently not really berries? so the banana may as well just a strawberry! there are no rules anymore

  4. 8:01 no worries it's not bro-science haha. Metal typically transfers heat (and the lack of) much more efficiently than glass. To understand better just look into the "specific heat" of stainless steel and glass.

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