How to Make Easy Garlic Egg Pasta! A Tasty, Healthy Pasta Dinner!

Learn how to make this Easy Garlic Egg Pasta! Karen Breyer demonstrates how easy it is to make this delicious pasta recipe. If you are looking for new dinner …

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  1. Ah the egg part is pretty smart … it's like when you try to cook carbonara and try to make the eggs as the cream but you messed up, instead of a cream the eggs turning into a scrambled egg so, in here the mistake is actually a part of the recipe. So, even a mistake can be turned into a success. I'm getting too deep here …

  2. Im in college and i sometimes xperiment with my small kitchen.But im a pure beginner and had no idea.u were helpful bcoz i had no idea how to even cook sphagetti. Thanku its simple and easy.

  3. As a DAD who cooks quite a bit for my kids, wife , myself and quite well I find your vid insulting to all dads. Dads can cook and from your vid most likely rings around you, just watch youtube and you will see many men and DADS cooking alot . I find your vid is quite condescending to my like so watch some men on youtube and learn something.

  4. I think it is amazing how delicious this Easy Garlic Egg Pasta recipe is with only a few simple ingredients. I am also amazed how the hot pasta cooks the eggs. This is a great recipe to make when you think you have nothing to cook for dinner (or your food budget is low). Usually I have some type of pasta, eggs, garlic, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese on hand even if I haven't been shopping in a while. Now I am really craving this Easy Garlic Egg Pasta! I think I need to go make some now. Have a great day!

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