HOW TO MAKE ASUN [ SPICY GOAT MEAT ] Nigerian Food Recipes

Learn how to make Asun (Spicy Goat Meat) in easy steps. Asun works well as a starter or as a main meal. Isi Ewu can be made within two hours when armed …

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  1. myth busted • goat meat is not the most consumed meat in the world • neither is goat meat eaten by the most people in the world • nor is goat milk the most consumed milk in the world … there simply are not enough goats in the world, not by the longest stretch of the imagination • Susan Schoenian • the world’s leading expert on goats (and sheep) University of Maryland Extension, USA

  2. 2014 recipe. I am been looking for the best "GOAT COOKER" for the last two days!
    Nice recipe, I have seen many ways of cooking Goat meat and almost all of them
    are similar in the ingredients, some have more ingredients other just a few ingredients.
    I will cook my "Goat Meat" vegetarian style since I am 80% meat eater and 20% vegetarian.
    Just kidding, is the other way around. I like the recipe, nice video.

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