How I Plan a Week of EASY MEALS in 20 Minutes 😋 Pahla B Fitness

What’s for dinner? Today, I’m sharing how I plan a full week of EASY MEALS with calmness, ease and a sense of peace🧘! A couple of years ago, that daily …

1 Month Vegan Challenge


  1. I just found your videos. I was wondering if there are any ideas for non cookers? I don't cook I hate it. So I eat a lot of salads, wraps, etc. I will scramble a few eggs but that it about it. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Pahla, I am following your "Program" since 2 weeks and i am really loving it. I finally think about my calorie-intake, my mind, enjoying Fitness… i am only 32 years old but i love your advice and thinking:) thank you so much! I have: one question: sometimes it is really difficult to figure out the real amount of calories – especially when i cook myself. Would you recommend logging a higher amount of calories for that meal, so i do not overeat? I hope you understand my question, english is not my first Language 🙂 greetings from Salzburg (Austria), tiziana

  3. I would really enjoy a weekly menu of 400-450 calorie meals that I can use each week without thinking. Perhaps, 400 kcal meals for breakfast, 400 kcal meals for lunch, 400 kcal meals for dinner and 100-200 kcal snacks. 4- 5 weeks worth would be excellent. :)) Thanks Pahla for your sensibilities, simplicities and brilliance!

  4. Pahla, I just made your black bean burgers for dinner. Turned out great. My husband was initially puzzled by the concept, but enjoyed the result, especially with a slice of melted swiss cheese on a toasted English muffin. Two patties left over for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for the idea.

  5. I plan ahead and budget for 2 weeks and do a big grocery shop to buy items that can go in the pantry and then on the weekends purchase fruits and veggies for the upcoming week. I have items in the freezer that I have premade (soups, etc) that I can quickly thaw when I don't feel like cooking or one of us are late.

  6. When my kids were young (6 yrs and up), I made up 25 flash cards with all our favorite meals. One side held the “menu” while the other side of the card held all the ingredients. As I got paid bi-weekly, I would shuffle the cards and have the kids pull out 14 of the cards. I did match up some of the meals for leftover usage or to make sure we were not eating similar meals 3-4 days in a row. Once we had our meal plan, we made a list of the foods to buy and we went shopping. The kids were able to have a list of items needed for the meal cards they picked and they could then do their shopping. They learned about quality (brand name vs. generic), quantity (how much as needed for the meal), sales, etc. (they felt so grown up!). They would also help prepare their meals. For fun, I would put in cards for pizza night or fast food night. It worked really well for many years. My kids are now grown with homes of their own and my daughter has uses a very similar plan with her family. But we still talk about the meal cards (I still have them but the kids have copies) and all the fun we had making up the menu. Years later, they still say that their favorite meal was Chili, Chips and Cheese. (Chili, topped with cheese, sour cream if we had it on hand, and then using the Fritos scoop chips to scoop it up).

  7. Love this, I came upon the same system a couple of years ago, plan the meal, the wipe board, the once a week shopping. My goal is to stick to it. Some weeks I drop the ball and end of winging it. not good. Thank you for the pep talk and summary. One good thing about the pandemic is that I've decided on a weekly grocery service which takes away time at the grocery store! then a once a week trip to the weekend farmers market for special seasonal veggies.

  8. I started doing this when the pandemic started and honestly, it's saved my life. Now that I"m cooking at home 99% of the time, planning and prepping ahead (and leftovers!!!) makes it so much easier. Thank you Pahla.

  9. I always thought you were supposed to do a grocery list and planning all my meals for the week. I didn't know that wasn't a thing until my little sister said that was what she was trying to teach her clients. Last few years I just decided we would pretty much have the same meal same day of each week. I hear you on one or two plans for sure!!! My kids would run to the fridge and check the list and loved knowing what was for dinner every night 🤣

  10. Glad that we in the Netherlands can shop online my list is online. If I need something put it on the list and every week same time delivered on my door step.

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