1. first parfait is yogurt, granola and fruit..
    2nd.. she said you CAN <–can means "Be able to" she said you CAN use yogurt but she likes cool whip…sooo do to shes going eat it she used cool whip.
    and for the granola she SAID a few things you CAN<–"that word again"
    use blah blah GRANOLA BARS or blah blah cereal
    so get the dicks out of your ears and listen to what she said…

    fyi the "thing" on her back is a microphone…can people stop being dumb..

  2. hmm sorry but…this isnt a fucking parfait its strawberrys in a god dam dish
    msg me when u learn how to mke a parfait. Btw my sis tried this and guess what? YOUR DIET DOSNT DO SHIT!

  3. @BenRichhards

    It's made with hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup, not cream and sugar. It's disgusting. On another note, this girl is like so many others; so utterly clueless with regards to nutrition.

  4. 0:26 Having an open mind, it doesn't bother me that she's a cyborg. I believe she has the same right as everyone else to have her own cooking show! You go robot girl!

  5. thank you! that was helpful! i don't know why i didn't think of cool whip instead & honey bunches of oats is perfect! i know some picky eaters that i wanted to make parfaits for….thanx again!

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