1. I love your channel, recipes and your beautiful kitchen! Please let us know where you find your dishes. All of the plates and bowls you use are stunning! Thanks!

  2. Absolutely love your channel! I have been looking at a lot of your videos and implementing delicious recipes! I would love to suggest that you get a Mexican lemon squeezer! We use it all the time and it makes squeezing the juice of lemons and limes without the seeds so easy! ❤

  3. I have tried every recipe in this video – every one is absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for sharing these. I really enjoy your stylish presentation, and your website will all the PDF's is a huge help.

  4. The quinoa chickpea salad with roasted garlic is a delicious dish! I’ve made this at least 4 times now and have the hardest time not eating all of it in a day or two – it’s that incredible!

    I appreciate the nutritional information you provide and have begun to eat even healthier than before. Thank you ❤️

  5. Where does this idea of "minimalist must be vegan" come from. I found preparing salads very messy and time consuming, then I found out grains, nuts, seeds and legumes are actually loaded with anti-nutrients and other plant self-defence chemicals that are not so good for people and blocking actual good stuff to be absorb by your body. Thats why I eat mostly carnivore diet, loaded with bio-available nutrients and vitamins. Only 2 meals a day and I'm never hungry. Choosing only grass fed meat form regenerative farms I do much better to mother Earth than vegans.

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