1. Everything you love about breakfast in one easy and delicious casserole. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas morning or whenever you have company over. Pop it in the oven when you get up and you are good to go.

  2. The recipe looks amazing. It was a bit hard to watch,, although you did great, a little more enthusiasm would retain the viewers attention. I've since made this and it was awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  3. I made this for my man's Christmas work party and it was a big hit – no leftovers. I was skeptical about the fried onions, thought it would add a weird crunch/flavor (I prepared my casserole just an hour or so before baking) but they softened up and tasted great. I used butter to coat my pan and that worked just fine.

  4. You are my favorite cooks. You make it so easy to put things together. I made this dish for thanksgiving morning the night before. It was so so good. Thanks for the recipe!♥️

  5. This turned out wonderful!
    I went with the suggestion of cooking the hashbrowns.
    I skipped the fried onions one side had sausage the other side had sauteed mushrooms.
    Also because my son does not really like cheese I only did cheese on one side. It worked out excellent thank you.

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