BETTER THAN TAKEOUT – Easy Mongolian Beef Recipe

Mongolian Beef is a Chinese dish that most Chinese people don’t even know about. According to my research, originally, this dish was invented in the USA and …

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  1. FANTASTIC RECIPE! I actually wanted to use wine as well, but I only had red. Her suggestion to use beer worked PERFECTLY! Everyone LOVED it! The family is not into spicy, but easily remedied by adding some Siracha…SO GOOD!!! Funny that I'm 1/4 Mongolian, and this meal has little or nothing to do with Mongolian cuisine.

  2. I've made this recipe 5 time's now with all different cuts of beef and it is simply MARVELOUS !! Thank you for your wonderful recipes. I've tried many of them & all have been delicious and simple …well the dumplings were a bit tough but I'll keep trying to make them as perfect as yours. Much Love Nana

  3. FUN FACT: Mongolia is a landlocked country in East Asia. It's situated between Russia to the north and China to the south.
    Is there an 'authentic Mongolian Beef' recipe? I can't find any hard information on that, but considering 53% of Mongolia is made up of Buddhists, and beef is strictly taboo? It's doubtful. However, a web search shows it was a meat dish developed in Taiwan. Isn't history TASTY!

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