Beth's Easy Appetizer Recipes! (Summer Entertaining Collab with Rachel Talbott!)

Learn how to make my easy summer appetizers in this fun collab with Rachel Talbott! SUBSCRIBE TO RACHEL’S CHANNEL WATCH …

1 Month Vegan Challenge


  1. Thank you again! Can't wait to make more of your recipes.
    I'm cooking for some friends this Saturday (my bday), I'll be serving all Beth recipes!
    I keep telling you that you should make a cookbook, on top of being a mommy of 2, wife, YouTuber and full time job.
    You're awesome, Beth!

  2. Wow!!! Your channel is really amazing. Your videos are so professionally made, I'm very much impressed.  Also, you have a soothing voice which makes listening to you such a pleasure.  Keep it up!  I'm a new subscriber.

  3. Oh god, this is divine 🙂 It's very eye catching how is everything nicely put together. It must be really good in taste too 🙂 I'll take some notes and definitely someday try some of these recipes 🙂 I need to watch some other videos, you seem to be really nice person 🙂

  4. i have a huge jar of raw macadamias i bought the other day and didn't know what to do with em other than roasting them, putting them in salads and making cookies. i might just swap out the cashews and try that recipe with macadamias. yum!!

  5. Hi Beth you know here in the Caribbean it is summer all year round and these recipes are especially special for me as l am always looking for entertaining snacks for when my ladies group
    meet monthly. Thanks for sharing l always enjoy your channel l have learned so much.
    Hugs Alli.

  6. Thanks, I am collecting dressing recipes, and have several Green Goddess versions from old appliance manuals, and vintage cook books. Can't wait to try yours, as you don't add food coloring. Question, I buy anchovy paste, how much should I add to your recipe?

  7. Hey Beth……oh my goodness, what a trio, not sure which one I like best !  My family will love the quesadillas, so going to make these.  Thanks for the heads up about Miss Rachel, wishing you an awesome week-end 🙂

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