1. yellow squash flatbreads
    1. cut squash
    2. cut scallion
    3. half cut cherry tomato
    4. toast pine nuts
    5. fry green onions and squash
    6. put small peices of mozzeralla on bread
    7.add veggies on bread
    8. bake on 400ยฐ for 8-10 mins

    patats bravas crispy artichokes
    1. dice potato then add to pan
    2. half cut cherry tomato
    3.make aioli
    4. add artichoke to pan
    5.add arugula
    6.add fetta cheese
    7. add almonds
    8. put aioli on plate

    squash and asparagus quinoa
    1. cook stems of basil with quinoa
    2. cut squash and spice it
    3. cook squash 425ยฐ for ab 10 mins
    4. pick stems out of cooked quinoa
    6. add basil
    7. add fetta
    8. add dressing
    9. put squash and asparagus in quinoa

    sorry if i didnt get it right i tried keeping up but here ya go

  2. I think I am going to try making that Patatas Bravas one…you make it look soo delicious with your reaction LOL. BTW I think its awesome how much you respond to our comments and interact so much with everyone hereย ๐Ÿ™‚

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